Walkers: Do Yourself a Flavour*

   Long time readers of this site will be fully aware of my lifelong love affair with crisps. For those of you unsure, I refer you to the picture above as a visual clue to how fond I am of potato snacks, particular those created by Walkers - a brand I've previously labelled as being "of all the major crisp brands, the most regularly consistent across their range of flavours". From the above Pickled Onion flavours through to Sensations, the brand has given me an incredible amount of joy in my life.

   Now, with the return of their "Do Us A Flavour" campaign, my favourite Leicester-based company are offering an opportunity to fulfill every young boy/man's dream - inventing their own flavour of crisp! The only thing that could possibly make it better? The opportunity to become a millionaire by doing so!

   The twist on the latest competition is that entrants have to select one of Walkers’ home grown ingredients, picking from Somerset Cheddar, Devonshire Chicken, Norfolk Pork, Dorset Sour Cream, Vale of Evesham Tomatoes or Aberdeen Angus Beef, as a base for their new invention. Once you have chosen a flavour, simply upload an image you feel represents your culinary innovation and hey presto!

   From all entrants, an expert panel of judges will whittle down the field to a shortlist of six before letting the public vote on their preferred flavour. And who, exactly, are the judges? Click on the video below to find out!

   I wish good luck to all entrants, but not so much that they may think of a better flavour than the (secret) one I've just concocted!


  1. I can't believe this is back!
    JLC should do a show about it!

    I suggest "Nando's Devonshire Chicken" as a flavour.
    I'm not going to win am I?


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