How To Wear a Scarf

A post about common sense, lost in the winds of time

   There are few people that make me froth with rage more than thirteen year old boys who boast about their ability to use multiple knot-styles when fastening their ties. My question is, and it's quite a simple one, why? Why would they bother learning these things - something that is as smarmy and as useless as a similarly aged child memorising capital cities - when they could be learning important life-skills such as a second language or how to make toasties with bags instead of going au natural?

   In recent years I have noticed similar levels of smarm in context to scarf wearing but, this time, and sadly, the offenders are not children who do not know any better (these kids, by the way, are destined to grow up to work in some job where they will use Power-point presentation every day of their lives) but, instead, adults who should have grown out of this type of silliness. Yet, like leaving the bottom button of a waistcoat unfastened, adults have accepted, without question, the new "pull-through" or "Parisian knot" style of wearing a scarf without a moment's thought about why they are doing this - they are not, or should be not, impressing anyone with this technique. The following is the correct technique on how to properly wear a scarf:

1) Get Scarf

2) Place scarf around neck, but leave one side longer than the other

3) Wrap scarf round neck

   By following these simple three steps you can stay warm and not look like you're trying to impress the bigger kids. In fashion, the simplest way is usually the best - stick with simple and you're on to a winner!


  1. I wear my scarf like that :D Yaaayy *high-fives* love the sarcasm XD

  2. You'd be surprised how many people don't wear it like that!


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